The most experienced in solution based water chemistry in the industry

The Triton company was the first to develop lab testing for seawater aquariums in 2008.

Compared to the study of seawater in environmental science, the science of aquarium water chemistry was largely unexplored and poorly understood.

Due to the lack of publications, money and technical opportunities this was considered an unattractive field of scientific research but for the reef keeper this level of understanding was, and continues to be, of vital importance.

The necessity of the reef keeper for more knowledge led us to take advantage of this opportunity.
We created our laboratory and were the first to conduct scientific research in the field of aquarium water chemistry to an unprecedented level.

In house qualified chemist, pharmacist, parasitologist and marine scientists with over 100 years combined experience and 150 years of aquarium keeping expertise

Using the world’s largest seawater analysis database to create recommendations and groundbreaking solutions for reef husbandry

After scientifically collecting the data the next step is to design and develop applicable recommendations and products for reef husbandry.
Without qualifications and expertise relevant to aquarium husbandry the data alone is low in value.
Even being a chemist, pharmacist or marine scientist in isolation is not enough. Only when added with extensive aquarium husbandry experience is this skill set able to develop useful reef keeping tools.

We at Triton not only rely on our unparalleled amount of expertise as proof of our brand but continue to work publicly and transparently to also prove our skills as aquarists amongst our fellow reef keepers.