TRITON Lab Difference

With a TRITON Lab test you get much more than just the highest quality lab tested parameters.

The definition of professional aquarium analysis is
high quality lab tested parameters combined with,
most importantly, the expertise, service and advice to evaluate them appropriately.
This is the only way to make the analysis usable and valuable to the aquarist

With TRITON you get the highest quality lab tested parameters delivered through ICP-OES and N-DOC.

TRITON developed methods and produced supporting machines for laboratories that are proprietary to TRITON like the Syringe Injection System (SIS).

These systems allows TRITON to combat typical ICP lab machine problems like potassium and sodium ionisation and the separation of macro and trace elements measurements.

TRITON is trusted and proven by the aquarium industry as we were the ones to bring this new testing technology and make it usable. TRITON started on this path almost a decade before anyone else and therefore we are the most experienced company testing seawater.

TRITON has the highest quality control, with the ability to cross check our laboratory systems, as we own and operate 4 separate labs around the world.
Multiple laboratories also ensure fast turnover of our testing.
All systems are remotely operated by TRITON’s world renowned experts in the aquarium field.

With TRITON you get the most qualified aquarium experts, service and advice evaluating your data.

TRITON is not only about testing aquarium water parameters but more importantly about understanding them.

Our experts evaluate data and make this information useful using their expertise as qualified aquarists and industry professionals. This allowed our team over the years to develop TRITON’s unique AI.

TRITON’s AI system, after conducting a lab test, can give you recommendations and an automated Help Desk to detect problems in your aquarium.

It also delivers a dosage recommendation for things that may be beneficial for your aquarium, even differentiating between their importance.

It lets you choose between habitats and problems commonly encountered to be able to deliver more customised information of greater value.

If you require further help there is our expert support team backing you up and helping you with your questions.
All this is based on information derived from the world’s biggest and fastest growing database of aquarium lab analysis.